Our simulator is built inside a real Boeing 737 nose section, giving you a realistic feel of flying. Using authentic components, everything from the cockpit door to the pilot seats to the control panels has been selected to create the perfect simulator.

GoSimGo uses industry-grade software developed by Lockheed Martin. All major aircraft systems are simulated and the response of the controls are precisely calibrated, to give you an accurate feeling of piloting a real aircraft. This virtual world includes 24,900 airports, air traffic control, real-life weather and lighting effects, all displayed in rich, HD quality.

Take off from an ocean-side airport in Turkey, fly over the Himalayas, cross the Pacific Ocean, and see the Hollywood sign as you land in Los Angeles! Create a fun and unforgettable flight path, and travel the world from the pilot's seat.

GoSimGo At A Glance

To produce the most realistic sensation of flight, we use a custom-made 180° Visual System, with three projectors producing an HD image onto a 30 x 10 foot, perfectly curved, cinema-quality screen.


The flight experience in enhanced by a powerful 12 speaker surround sound system, with 8 speakers inside the cockpit and 4 outside. The simulator is also equipped with two powerful shakers for producing realistic movements of the aircraft.


Not only are the control system components authentic, the responsiveness of the controls has been perfectly calibrated to provide the most realistic feeling of handling the aircraft. Whether you are flying, landing or executing parking brake procedures, you will experience precise, lifelike movements.


Our high attention to detail means that our simulator is equipped with fully working and authentic cockpit dome lights, map lights, fuse panel light and overhead light. The interior has been fully restored and every part of our simulator is designed to give you a realistic Boeing experience.

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